Lviv Cloud Meetup #1 by Mirantis


Mirantis is inviting to a first Cloud Meetup in Lviv, the main topic of which will be OpenStack.

There will be interesting presentations, possibilities to meet new people and unforgettable impressions for you :)

OpenStack cloud computing platform has turned 5 years in 2015, and it’s quite fair to say that it’s history keeps being dynamic and filled with healthy dose of drama :). There’s competition over Private Cloud market in general and OpenStack segment in particular, there are growing companies and those who already ceased to exist, there are successful large scale projects and there are never ending Proof-of-Concepts.

And, of course, there are people who are still saying that Private cloud is not a cloud and should not be considered :). “Go use AWS everyone!”

Our speakers:

Dmitriy Novakovskyy State of Openstack industry: Why are we doing this.

Dmitriy is a Product Manager at Mirantis, busy with defining roadmaps for Mirantis OpenStack platform features and analyzing competitive landscape. In past Dmitriy has also worked at Mirantis presales and Mirantis professional services teams, along with some earlier work for TOA Technologies (now part of Oracle). Dmitriy spends his free time traveling, reading about economics and history (2nd half of XX century) and going to rock concerts.

On OpenStack Lviv Meetup Dmitriy will tell some real-world “field” stories about OpenStack industry:

1. What companies are using OpenStack and why. SaaS, Telco’s, car makers, banks – isn’t it just easier to do everything in AWS?

2. What companies are building OpenStack and OpenStack-based products. What are these products, how succesfull are the companies, what were the most miserable failures?

3. What do we do with OpenStack at Mirantis, where is it leading us to?

4. A few technical case studies – OpenStack projects we did in 2015, what were the use cases, deployment configurations etc”


Ihor Dvoretskyi – The Cloud Convergence: OpenStack and Kubernetes.

Ihor is an Operations Engineer at Mirantis Inc – the #1 Pure Play OpenStack Company, with a huge experience working in IT companies, where he was responsible for a couple of projects, tightly bound to Cloud computing and *nix systems. Ihor is deeply interested in OpenStack cloud platform, other Cloud technologies and Open Source projects. Also, Ihor is a big fan of Google and Google techologies. Apart from work, Ihor is also interested in other branches of IT technology and starts diving into Robotics.

We ‘ll talk about:

1. Murano as an application management solution in OpenStack;

2. What the containers are, what benefits do we receive while using them and general comparison of containers with classic VM’s;

3. Kubernetes as a cloud solution for container management, from what components and concepts does it consist and how does it integrate in OpenStack;

4. Demo (deploying a simple Kubernetes cluster on above of OpenStack using Murano, deploying a simple containerized application. Brief demonstration of extra Kubernetes abilities).
Event is free, but registration is required.

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