Algorithmic thinking


I suppose everyone had to deal with complicated problem and thought how effectively to solve it. Algorithm, as we all know, is the step by step procedure to solve this problem. The power of algorithmic thinking is that it allows solutions to be automated. If you are interested in algorithmic thinking come to us and get to know more about algorithms and there applying in computer technologies. We are waiting for you on Oleny Stepanivny st., 49a at Betaplace coworking center on Thursday 13th at 19:00.

You can register here!

 Prior schedule:
• 19:00 – registration
• 19:10 – Maksym Lynnyk “Google App Engine: what is it and how to cook it”
• 19:50 – coffee break
• 20:05 – Yuriy Guts “Experiments with Machine Learning”

Hurry- up there are only limited seats.

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